Watching the race



5-4-3-2-1…For the dog lover, visiting the Aviemore sled dog rally can be a day of husky-heaven but to ensure you and the competitors get the most out of the racing, please bear in mind the following points:

If you have your dog with you please make sure he/she is secure on the lead AT ALL TIMES and keep him/her well clear of the trail when the teams are running. Our huskies are well trained but are not robots! Another dog at the side of the trail can be extremely distracting for the teams which may be racing past you at speeds in excess of 25 mph. Also bear in mind that your pet may not really enjoy the company of 1000+ extremely noisy sled dogs!

The Start Chute is noisy and hectic but seeing the excitement of teams of dogs raring to go is not to be missed. The Finish line is noisy too but this time it won’t be the huskies making the racket but enthusiastic family and friends calling in their favourite teams.

If you do venture out onto the trail, please stand well back and try not to startle passing teams with sudden movement. Huskies can be extremely sociable and you wouldn’t want a large team to suddenly race up to you to say hello! There will be race officials (marshals) out on the trail so please take notice of any instructions they may give you.

Part of the fun is to walk around the rally site, watching the mushers prepare their teams to run. Most people are only too happy to chat about their dogs but bear in mind that teams have to be at the Start Chute at strict set times so if someone seems too busy to talk, pop back later when they’ve finished their run.

Never offer treats and please ask the handler before petting any dog. Huskies are strong and can be boisterous so please keep any small children in hand.

But beyond that wrap up warm, bring your camera and have fun.