Working Rally Bib Scheme

Bibs will be available at all rallies but if you would like to use the same number at every race you can purchase a number through the Club’s Bib Scheme and make up your own way of displaying it on a bib, clothing or on the rig or sled.

This scheme is not compulsory, however by purchasing a bib number you are agreeing to abide by both the Bib Scheme and Working Rally Rules.

Numbers available for purchase are shown on the Club’s FaceBook page. The cost is £5 for use of the number. Occasionally special numbers will be made available for auction.

Rules of Usage
1. The number issued is for SHCGB events only (other organisations have their own preferred systems)
2. You will be a holder of this number, not the owner and the Club will hold the right to remove/suspend a number if needed
3. Private sale of Bib Numbers is not permitted
4. You must use your number at least once a working season and numbers not used for two seasons will be automatically forfeited. Special numbers bought by auction and not used for five seasons will be forfeited. We would encourage members to hand numbers back if you are no longer using them.
5. You will be responsible for displaying your own number on a bib, clothing or on the rig/sled itself, but it MUST be clearly visible to Rally Officials at all times during a race. Numbers used on clothing MUST be displayed on both the back and the front. . They should be at least 12 cm tall and in a contrasting colour to the clothing.
6. Numbers maybe held in partnership with a family member/partner

Bib Co-ordinator – Kelly Bolsover & Matt