Contact:  membership@siberianhuskyclub.org.uk

Membership is open to all persons interested in Siberian Huskies (whether or not owners) who wish to help the Club in fulfilling its objectives for the Breed.

As well as supporting the club’s main aim to protect and promote the Siberian Husky in Great Britain, membership of the Siberian Husky Club of GB also includes the following benefits:

  • Club magazine
  • Reduced entry fees to club shows
  • Reduced cost for club seminars & events
  • Eligibility to enter SHCGB working rallies
  • Third party insurance for  your dogs
  • Breed and breed health information
  • Contact with over 800  Siberian Husky owners and enthusiasts
  • £2 contribution is also made to the SHCGB Welfare Scheme


Subscriptions are due on the first day of January each year, however new applications received after the 30th September each year are deemed inclusive for the following year.

NEW MEMBERS FEES (including £5 initial administrative fee)

  • Single: £ 25.00;
  • Joint: £ 35.00;
  • Junior £ 7.50 (under 18 years)


  • Single: £ 20.00
  • Joint: £ 30.00
  • Junior £ 2.50 (under 18 years)


Step One – Before making a new application for Membership, please read the club’s Constitution and Code of Ethics, which club members must abide by. These are available above on SHC of GB tab or by clicking the links below. When signing your membership form, you are confirming you have read and will abide by these two important documents. 



Step Two –   Once you have read the Constitution and Code of Ethics, click the link below to download the application form OR contact me on membership@siberianhuskyclub.org.uk to request a form by email or post, we also have an online form that can be found here:

New Members Application Form

Step Three – Find a Proposer who has been a fully paid up Member of the Club, for at least one year. Your Proposer will need to sign the form where indicated in order for your application to be processed. Your Proposer will be contacted to confirm that they have agreed to propose your application.

* If you cannot find a Proposer please contact me on membership@siberianhuskyclub.org.uk for advice on events and other members in your area who may be able to assist you.

Step Four – Email or post your completed form, along with your chosen payment method to the me (address on the form) If you include an email address on the form you will receive an email to confirm receipt of your application.

NOTE :  All applications must be approved by the Committee and this process takes 21-28 days.

Please note that from December 2018, membership applications or renewals should be posted to:

Elizabeth Dziergas
SHCGB Membership Secretary,
64 Rotton Park Road,
B16 0LH.

Contact Email: membership@siberianhuskyclub.org.uk