SHGB Dual Show and Working Championship Rules

Dual Championship Rules


  1. The Trophy will be awarded for one season’s competition allied to the earlier year’s show points, ie., 2001/2002 Working Points will be added to 2001 Show Points.
  2. The dog must be owned by a paid-up Member of the SHC of GB.

Show Points

  1. Show Points will be taken from the present Championship Show Points System together with SHCGB Open Shows. For the purposes of the Dual Championship, points from the SHCGB Open Shows will be calculated on the same basis as a Championship.
  2. The dog’s best five Shows only will count.
  3. The dog’s total points accumulated must reflect at least 25% Show Points and at least 25% Working Points. Since this will unbalance the maximum possible Work and Show Points, the Show Points will be multiplied by a factor that restores the balance.

Working Points

  1. The Team must all be KC registered Siberian Huskies or SHCGB Welfare Registered Siberian Huskies.
  2. Points can be achieved at all SHCGB timed rallies listed on the Dual Championship Working Points Submission Form.
  3. The best five results achieved by the dog will be counted.
  4. Points need not be won in the same Class over the Season, however, points will only be awarded in rig/sled classes.
  5. The Team need not be driven by the dog’s owner.
  6. The dog must complete the race running in the team.
  7. If a team competes both days of a two-day event, only those dogs running on both days will be eligible for points.
  8. Any alterations/corrections/notifications as to which dogs ran at a rally MUST be notified to the Points Collator within TWO weeks of the event in question, no points will be awarded after this period.
  9. Points will be awarded as follows:
    Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
    Points 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2
  10. Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 1.5 bonus points if within 15 seconds or closer seconds to the time achieved by the Team ahead of you in the Results
    • 1 bonus point if within 30-15.01 seconds to the time achieved by the Team ahead of you in the Results
    • 0.5 bonus point if within 60-30.01 seconds to the time achieved by the Team ahead of your in the Results
  11. Dogs run by One-Day Only Competitors at a 2-Day Event who finish in the top ten of that day’s competition will be awarded half the points due to that position plus half the bonus points due (if any).
  12. The Competitor/Dog’s Owner is responsible for notifying the Points Collator of their results.
  13. Results will be subject to random confirmation.
  14. No Points will be awarded to a dog not named on the Entry Form, except where a dog is substituted for another on the first day and this has been notified to and accepted by the Event Organiser.

In the following examples all characters and dogs are purely fictitious – any resemblance to any actual person or dog is coincidental.

Results of a Race could be:

Pos Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Points
1 Neil Sheriff 20:53.70 21:24.62 42.18.32 20
2 Michael Swashbuckle 21:54.65 22:19.80 42:19.80 18
3 Effie Bournemouth 22:03.97 23:54.55 45:58.32 16
4 Sheelagh Dimes 21:15.91 24:44.68 46:00.59 15.5
10 Lardy Dar Sunday only 25:12.03 25:12.03 1

At the end of the Season, the Results could be:

Dog’s Name Show Points (adjusted) Working Points Total Dual Champ Results
Gardenwotgarden Digger 77 100 177 1st
Tellyaddict Gingerspice 67 not worked not eligible
Kzxhkhn’s Silly Surname 53 45 98 4th
Snownose’s Pinky 43 84 127 2nd
Bigear’s Softpath 42 12 54 12 is less than 25% of 54
Sibero’s Quick Quick Not shown 98 not eligible
Madar’s Golf Lima 37 70 107 3rd