The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain (SHCGB)

The SHCGB is a club for all those interested in the Siberian Husky, whether they are owners or not. The club holds Open and Championship shows each year. Working rallies take place over the winter months allowing owners and dogs to enjoy racing around trails. Novices are welcome (make sure to get a copy of the working rally rules from the club secretary) and many events also, some about working huskies, some about showing and/or judging, Eye testing sessions are also organised by the club.

GDPR & Record Retention Policy


A magazine is sent to all members at intervals, along with rally, show and eye/hip test results and notice of future events.

By 1976 the Husky Club of Great Britain finally succeeded in convincing the British Kennel Club that the latterly known ‘Husky’ should be correctly termed ‘Eskimo Dog’ which then led to the Club’s name changing to ‘Eskimo Dog Club of GB’. As the name implies, the Siberian Husky could no longer be included, especially with the growing numbers of both enthusiasts and their dogs. The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain obtained the Kennel Club’s permission to form a society in early 1977, with the expressed aims of educating interested parties and promoting the working aspects of the breed, whilst collating and instigating a series of checks for hereditary disease.

In spring 1980 the Siberian Husky Club was pleased to announce that the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Dalhousie, KT., GBE., MC., had accepted their invitation to become the Club’s Honorary Patron. His acceptance was particularly appreciated, as Lord Dalhousie is the nephew of Fox Maule Ramsay – thus continuing the past associations with the Ramsay name and Siberian History.

Presently the SHC of GB organise a Championship and Open Breed Show each year and a number of Working rallies during the season, as well as teach-ins for all levels of Judges and Breeders. With the help of Dr Peter Bedford there is now an on-going eye defect survey in this country, whilst Dr. Malcolm Willis has taken the breed into his detailed hip displaysia research programme, thus allowing the caring Breeder detailed information to help in his decisions.
When originally imported from North-East Siberia at the start of the 20th Century, the Siberian Sled dogs quickly earned a reputation for their excellent endurance or staying power, beauty and temperament. Today, ‘endurance’ of the Siberian Husky takes on a new dimension, namely the survival of the breed in today’s highly competitive sled dog sport. In the early 1970’s, as crossbred dogs became more prevalent in sled dog racing in the United States, many predicted that the Siberian Husky would vanish from the working scene.

But that did not happen, and it is unlikely to happen in Europe, despite the recent introduction of crossbred racing dogs. There are simply too many people around the world who prefer the temperament, working style, looks and heritage of their Siberian Huskies. In keeping with the historic endurance of their breed, those devoted individuals refuse to quit! The various breed clubs throughout the world remain active in the promotion of the breed and maintain close contact with each other, sharing information and ideologies.