The Good Points

  1. Friendly with people of all ages.
  2. An honest dog- his body language and voice can be taken at face value- he says what he means.
  3. He has no guarding instinct and will greet and kiss an intruder the same as any other visitor.
  4. Gregarious- he likes company.
  5. Youthful in outlook, he often reaches 14 years of age, sometimes 16 or more.
  6. Robust athletic constitution.
  7. Good travellers, new sights and sounds do not upset them.
  8. Intelligent and mischievous.
  9. Easygoing and forgiving.
  10. Clean, little or no doggy smell.
  11. Straightforward to groom.
  12. Quiet. They do not often bark, but they do howl like a wolf- often just for the joy of it. This may be a disadvantage in some neighbourhoods.
  13. They do not require as much food for their size as many other breeds.
  14. Not fussy eaters (but see minus point 13).
  15. Get on well with other well adjusted canines. However they will take up a challenge if offered.

NOTE: The above assumes a normal puppyhood and socialisation